(Français) DOMOCAN : mise en service

strap alim carte 16 entrees Domocan


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Guiguidoseur !

pompe a vibration ulka EP5


In this post i’ll describe a project which, despite being ridiculously titled, I am most proud.


I have had for several years a reef aquarium at home with living corals. These animals draw in seawater, and set in their skeleton certain chemical elements it is therefore necessary to replace calcium, carbonates, strontium, iodine and other trace elements. So we end up having to add in the tray a number of products to maintain the stability of the composition of the water.

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thermostat à commande de relais par arduino

At work, I recently moved into a new building, and, for some unknown reason, the regulation of air conditioning has never been working correctly. We have the choice between switching it OFF, and work in an oven at 30°, or turn it ON and see the temperature quickly falling below 18 ° C, regardless of the temperature selection. Fortunately, we have a remote controller that allows us to turn it on and off at will. As a result, we spend our day playing with the controller, trying to keep temperature within a reasonable range. Not ideal in terms of productivity, and also not a really healthy condition when temperature rise and fall of + – 5 ° C every 30 minutes.

As no one seems to be able to solve this problem, I ended up with an ugly but yet effective Do It Myself solution. I’ve put a new layer of hardware to override the failing AC software.

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(Français) Reprap : C’est parti !

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(Français) Domocan : carte fond de panier

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